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Surround yourself with inspiring sounds and let your soul be fully present

Welcome to your Handpan~Pantam journey.

Our Handpan Collection

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Handpan Music Notes-02.png
Handpan Music Notes-02.png

Send us a message and we'll be happy to arrange a custom order with the scale of your choice.

Looking for a different scale?


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a global community of musicians embracing locally-crafted instruments

Shine Light: A handpan for all levels

Purchase beautifully crafted handpan with a warm, resonant sound. Finely tuned to a consistent D minor scale, this handpan is exemplary in its rich sound quality, ease of use, and mesmerizing overtones.

Each handpan is meticulously hand-made, tuned, and checked to reflect the highest industry standards. Its strong performance and technical precision makes this handpan the perfect choice for students, musicians, and healers of all levels.

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A handpan just for you

Handpan D Kurd Scale-03.png

Add a hard cover case to your handpan order for maximum protection and comfort.

Level up your case


METAL: 1mm nitrided steel

SIZE: 55cm diameter

SCALE: D minor scale (D / A Bb C D E F G A)

GU : Yes

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